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Fully modular surfaces, as needed

An industrial, artisanal and administrative building

Located within the Science and Technology Park, south of Yverdon-les-Bains, the building enjoys excellent connectivity and good visibility, along the A1 motorway.

By virtue of its construction method, the rentable surfaces are fully modular according to needs, being able to respond to multiple configurations and uses. The spaces are served by two completely independent accesses. An area of ​​over 4,600 m2 is available for rent, supplemented by a generous accessible roof terrace of over 2,000 m2.

The first floor accommodates a plateau of over 2,600 m2 and extends over the entire west wing, from north to south. On the second floor, an area of ​​nearly 1,800 m2 has a clear height of 4.5 m. An additional 260 m2 space in the north mezzanine is also available for rent.

The building meets the most demanding technical criteria: geothermal probes, solar panels and fully mechanical ventilation ensure an optimal working climate. Its volume and facade treatment give it a specific visual identity and a recognizable silhouette within its environment.

From the access to the north of the site, the building stands out with a large, cantilevered glazed volume. To the south, on the motorway side, an overhanging triangular volume stands out spectacularly facing the motorway.


Flexible layouts as open plan or partitioned offices

Architecture moderne

Modern and spacious architecture

Infrastructures industrielles

Industrial infrastructure


Parking for cars and two-wheeled vehicles

Gestion sécuriseée

Secure management of pedestrian and vehicle flows

espaces extérieurs

Outdoor meeting areas


Goods lifts between floors

Système de ventilation

Ventilation and cooling system